Cucumber & Yarrow cleanser
(for oily skins)

Cucumber is an active cleanser while yarrow is both cleansing & astringent

1tsp (5ml) emulsifying wax
4 tbsp (60ml) soya oil
1/4 cucumber, liquidized and strained to make 2tbsp (30ml)
6 tbsp (90ml) yarrow infusion
5 drops tincture of myrrh

1. Melt the wax over a low heat. Warm the soya oil and then slowly add
the oil to the wax, beating well

2. Heat the cucumber juice with the yarrow infusion then blend into the
oil & wax. Take off the heat and beat until the mixture cools.
Once cool, stir in the myrrh. Sthingy into jars and label.

Galen Starwalker
Found on another net...