Bug B'Gone Insect Repellent

Categories: Oils, Salves, Insect
Yield: 1 formula

1 pt Bay leaves

4 pt Pennyroyal
2 pt Rosemary
1 pt Eucalyptus leaves
Olive oil

Essential oil of pennyroyal

Essential oil of eucalyptus

Wilt the fresh leaves or use dried herbs. Place in a clean, very dry jar
(some people sterilize, some don't). Any moisture can cause your oil to
spoil. Cover with enough oil to completely submerse the herbs, plus one
or two inches more. Cap tightly and place in a sunny window or other
sunny spot. Shake occasionally. After two weeks, strain. Add a drop or
two of essential oil of pennyroyal and/or eucalyptus to strengthen the
scent. This is an excellent insect-repellent oil. It is quite safe for
human and animal use and as effective as anything can be for keeping those
pesky insects away.

If you just can't wait 2 weeks, you can place your herbs and oil in a
Crockpot at the lowest heat (I like to put mine in a jar and set into a
Crockpot with water in it). Put the lid on the Crockpot and let steep for
2-4 hours. Check frequently to protect against overheating and burning.

If you prefer a more solid form to the oil, add 1/4 cup grated beeswax to
each cup of herbal oil. Heat them together over VERY low heat until the
beeswax is completely melted. Check for proper firmness by placing one
tablesthingy of the mixture in the freezer for just a minute or two. Test
the firmness and adjust if necessary. If you want a harder salve, add
more wax...if you want a softer salve, add more oil. When you're happy
with the consistency, remove the salve from heat and immediately pour into
small glass jars or tins. (WARNING: It will melt a plastic container!
Use glass or metal!)

Store your extra oil or salve in a cool, dark place. Salves can last for
months or even years if stored properly. Salves kept in cars or in the
hot sun will lose their properties after a short length of time.

BASIC RECIPE by Rosemary Gladstar Slick with variations by Janie Young