Here are a few recipes for different types of Absynthe. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Absynthe it was a hallucinogenic drink that poets and artists a long time ago! It has since then become illegal. Now I have made one of these and I must say it did very little besides knock me flat on my you know what!!! Let’s just say it is very alcoholic!:) I didn’t see anything weird but hey what do you want! It’s a cool thing to make and say  “hey look what I did:)” Hope you enjoy!     


1 pint vodka (hence the knock you flat on your you know what!!!)

2 tsp. crumbled wormwood (dried) (now please, please, please be careful with this!!! it is poisonous!!!!!:)

2 tsp. anise seed

1/2 tsp. fennel seed

4 cardamom pods

1 tsp. marjoram

1/2 tsp. ground coriander

2 tsp. chopped angelica root

1 and 2/3 cups sugar syrup ( I just used straight sugar!)


Place vodka in a large jar with a tight fitting lid. Add wormwood and shake well; steep for about 48 hours and strain. Crush seeds and pods in mortar. Add them and all remaining herbs to vodka and steep in warm place for one week. Filter and sweeten. Pour into a bottle and enjoy a piece of history.

Suggestion: pour half a glass water into a half glass of Absynthe for authenticity. ( I didn’t I just drank it straight but whatever floats your boat!:)

Now this isn’t for everyone! It’s not green and glowy like on Dracula or that NIN video but more of a brownish whiskey color and tastes a lot like Nyquil! It must be the licorice taste from the anise seeds! Hope you enjoy!


1 tsp. crumbled wormwood

1 cup vodka

2 tbsp. chopped peppermint leaves

1 piece of lemon peel (3/4” X 2”)

1/3- 1/2 cup sugar syrup

Steep wormwood in vodka for 48 hours. Strain out and add peppermint leaves and lemon peel. Steep for 8 days, strain and sweeten. Smells good but is more bitter than #1. Never done this one! If this is the one you choose please write and let me know how it turns out!

Absynthe #3


True absinthe requires a couple of distillations. This is illegal, but more important, it is a great deal of work. The infusion is adequate. To make it more authentic, you should start with a much more potent base. Typical vodka is 80 proof, but absinthe should be 130 proof or more. You could use Everclear or a 160 proof vodka such as Devil's Spring as a starter. By the time you mess around with it and add the sugar syrup, you should be getting down to the appropriate alcohol levels.


Absynthe Wine

All herbs are dried

2 tsp. peppermint

2 tsp. dried wormwood

2 tsp. thyme

2 tsp. lavender

2 tsp. hyssop

2 tsp. marjoram

2 tsp. sage

2 pints port

Steep herbs one week, filter and bottle. My notes describe this as “bitter, aromatic and potent.”