Rik Wallin History (the sordid details and tragic gossip)


Before you can really connect with me here in Dallas, Texas, you probably want to know a little history.  I’ve been accused of being too deep and though this can seem true to some, I don’t take pride in flaunting any of it. In fact, since I’m loaded with all kinds of wisdom, I’m always willing to share it with others who seek it.  Know this though, I rarely go out of my way to share it unless I’m asked for it first. Everyone has a right to grow at their own pace and it’s wrong for others to manipulate that movement.

Just ask Soggy over here. The wet pussy never touched by TRUMP—>


Ok, this might take awhile but I’ll try to get it all down.

I was born a Connecticut Yankee as Richard Michael Knapp in 1961. My dad Dick (also Richard) was a truck driver, heavy drinker, and womanizer.  I was always known as Rickey to everyone cuz I thought Richard was stuffy and too formal. Parents divorced when I was 5. He had emphysema and died of a heart attack at 45.

 My mom remarried and Ritchie (yeah, another Richard) adopted me, changing my name to Richard Michael Sande when I was 6yrs old..  His 9 year old brother and I  got into trouble messing with fireworks leaving me burnt over 45% of my body and being called a ‘freak’ by other Catholic school children with no anti-bullying done by the Nuns.  From age 10 to age 17 I was (oral) sexually abused by said step father who also divorced mom and moved to Vermont working side jobs to fortify his Cocaine addiction.  He later died after falling off a ladder painting a ski lift. 

I was married to a woman named Gigi (Georgette Pelham) in 1979 for about a year but divorced because she was screwing one of my friends while I was in night school to better my career learning mainframe computer operations.  I was a master screw & lathe machinist tired of working piecemeal in a factory for 9 hours a day six days a week always smelling like kerosene and cutting oil.

After the divorce, I met and dated a gay dude named Mike VanThornout from Port Huron Michigan. I got thrown out of my parents home for being gay and moved in with him. I never told my mom about her husband’s secret sex life. Each time Mike V. and I got drunk together it always got physically violent The relationship ended when I cheated on him while he was out of town and I fell in love with someone else. (His Loss.. ohh well, payback is a bitch for all the sneaking around he did with me.) 

That new guy was (Kenny) Kenneth Flyte and we went through our share of tragic turmoil including our MCC marriage commitment ceremony in New Haven where none of my 30 family members attended (though invited) due to my hateful aunt Melody who was screwing around on her husband at the time with a kid 20 years younger than her, or our apartment burning down 2 weeks before Christmas (electric failure) or moving to southern California and back to Connecticut three years later.   All in all, we were together over 7.5 years and to this day he will always be my “Best Friend” in the world. I think the feeling is mutual even though we live in different far away places.  We both out-grew each other and moved on with our lives. While together, I started a gay online service called Lifestyles BBS which I wrote on a Commodore-64 and ran on several different platforms for 23 years.

Feeling a bit broken hearted following our split, I met Lenny aka Earnest L. Yanavich and helped him establish the foremost Salon (hair, skin, nails, taning, massage) in New Haven, CT called Rimage’  (Bringing the Real IMAGE out in you…) which still has the name and concept that I invented for over 20+ years ago.  Yeah, and some people still call it ‘Rim-ige” no butthole intended. 

We bought a house together in Branford, CT with access to Long Island Sound for our 22ft Catalina Sailboat but the relationship fell apart because I was a hard working, highly educated “Enabler”  for someone who was a “Weekend Alcoholic” but didn’t know it till I went to a couple Ala-non meetings.

Rather than fight for ownership or liquidation of the house, I quit-claimed it to Len with the condition that I took ** anything ** I wanted regardless who bought it, to move on and start a new life for myself.  

I fell in love with Wynn Wagner and when he heard of my step-father’s passing and my decision to change my name back to Knapp, my blood-father, he said he would be honored if I chose his name instead..   We couldn’t be legally married in Texas in 1995 so we used the legal system to our advantage anyway.  

After I moved to Dallas Texas I realizied how much it emulated New York City and how the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex portion was larger than the entire state of Connecticut.  Wow, yeah, it took some getting used to…

Wynn and I did lots of traveling for our jobs and for vacations. I got to see how many different cultures around the world lived instead of just the ignorant “Anti-Everything” hateful bully person bubba who has no clue what he’s doing with his own life besides fucking and drinking.  

TweetySnarky (Rick-Asus's conflicted copy 2014-02-21)

In 1995 Dallas was a cool and friendly place but now in 2017, most of the gay peeps have moved away and gotten replaced by “foreclosure babies” from other states seeking a cheaper cost of living and a place to thump their bullshit bibles telling me how fucked-up my way of living is. (I guess cheating on their wives and getting blowjobs from other dudes when nobody’s looking is ok so long as they don’t get caught. Right?) 

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s none of my fucking business what others choose to do so long as it doesn’t interfere with my life or daily living. I’m an older guy now and I’ve earned my stripes. So why the fuck do so many assholes in the world care that I’m legally marred to my partner of almost 21 years in the state of Washington D.C. seeking the same equal rights and rules (yeah and high cost of divorce attorneys) as heterosexuals? 

What business is it of theirs what I do in my goddamn bedroom or who I share a condom with? Just because the other person has a cock instead of a cunt between their legs? They still have the same red heart. Don’t they?  LISTEN UP: To all of you reading this. I don’t give a fuck what religion you follow as long as you don’t use it as a weapon to manipulate my life.  Spend your Sunday at the “Church of Immaculent Barbi Dolls” for all I care but manage your own shit not mine!

I’m a loving and compassionate person who’s true to form and has nothing to hide… I will always do my best to tell it like it is and I ALWAYS choose the side of the underdog when it comes to a dispute not the side of popularity.   No, I don’t care at all what others think about me so I never “dress to impress” cuz I know that most of them will never be there later when needed the most during hard times.  YES, I’M LIVING PROOF OF THIS FACT! Just ask all the peeps who abandoned me when I was almost killed on my Yamaha Virago by an irresponsible drunk. I love my husband and I love the broken and honest person I’ve become above all.  I’m not perfect, but I never claimed to be in the first place.

I don’t obsess with dressing up or behaving like a woman allthough here in the south, there seems to be a lot of that going on these days and I respect those who are into it. Yes, I can be a bit flamboyant myself and ‘talk with my hands’ more than others at times. Still, there’s a lot who call me butch for my enjoyment of using my hands to create and/or repair things. (Big Deal! So what!  I know how to use a compressor and an air nailer as well as fire my own ceramic kiln.) Yes, I have lots of eclectic hobbies but it doesn’t make me totally different from others, does it? 

I’m the kind of person that will gladly share their wisdom but I will only do it after being asked…  What good is changing the world by force when most peeps can’t even make peace with themselves and who they are?

At the time of this original writing in 2014, my Huz decided to change his name disowning and dis-associating himself from the remainder of his adopted Wagner family who planted so many verbal and sexual abuse memories.  Just like the Darleks on Dr. Who, he decided to ‘Exterminate’ all association and move on by becoming Sven Andreás Wallin. Well, that meant I couldn’t be Rick Wagner anymore either, so I picked Rik Wallin.  Why? Because my family and existing friends don’t have to remember calling me something else besides Rik unlike Sven, and my initials are still RMW.  

(Woooo Hoooo  clever huh?? <wink>  <wink>  Even though he suggested Onslo Michael Gibson [OMG] yuck!)  

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